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Buy living herbs over the internet to start your own organic garden today!!! **** GREAT GIFT IDEA **** With the increasing amount of imported foods hitting the supermarket shelves, Australians are starting to look for locally grown produce. Not only do they want to know where their food comes from, but be sure that its safe to eat. Growing herbs is easy once you get started and requires very little maintenance. You don't even need to have a large area to grow them in, herbs can be easily grown in raised garden beds, pots, or window boxes. When you are cooking just grab a handful of fresh herbs straight from the plant to your kitchen. We have been growing potted herbs for 20 years and decided to expand our market to online shopping. Our online range only consists of up to 40 varieties at the moment but will change seasonally. Our stock is grown in as natural conditions as possible to produce plants that are hardy, of high quality and free from pests and diseases. Due to quarantine restrictions we can only sell to VIC, NSW, ACT, & SA. All of our herbs are grown in a L85mm x W85mm x H100mm recyclable plastic pot with a high quality potting medium in accordance with AS 3743. With our unique packaging we ensure that our herbs arrive to you in perfect condition. ***On arrival your herbs will be safe to use straight away out of the box as they are pesticide free, however it is always good practice to wash any herbs or vegetables before eating.***

The biggest issue when buying living plants online is the transportation, knowing the plants will arrive to you in the same condition as they left our nursery.

We have developed our own unique and thoroughly tested packaging to ensure that our herbs arrive undamaged and in perfect condition every time.
Our plants are well watered on the day of their departure to ensure that they do not dry out before they reach you.

Order Quantity in multiples of 6
We have designed specialized boxes to send living herbs via Australia Post without being damaged.
Unfortunately due to our packaging we can only send multiples of 6 herbs at a time. You can choose any combination of herbs to make up a box.

Shipping Dates
To ensure that your herbs are not left at the post office or local depot over the weekend, we will only send your order out on Monday mornings. Please check your post daily to ensure your herbs dont spend too long in their box.

Out of stock herbs
If for some reason we have run our of a particular herb you have requested, we will contact you to confirm another selection.


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