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At Achieve Peak Health we pride ourselves in using pure and natural ingredients and not compromising on quality. Being a Qigong Instructor, which is based in traditional Chinese healing going back thousands of years, I believe that harmful chemicals block the body’s natural healing process. Using the smallest amount of harmful chemicals, stabilisers, preservatives, anti-cacking agents, etc. can compromise the natural healing process.

For this reason, we’ve introduced our unique 2 step therapy where we recommend the use of two different products for the same issues. Rather than mixing in one bottle, we mix on the skin, thereby avoiding the use of preservatives and stabilisers.

In our oil-based products, we use pure steamed distilled essential oils and locally grown organic oils. We design and manufacture our products. We source all materials used including packaging and labelling from Australian suppliers.

We have been involved in the natural health industry for 10 years and starting manufacturing our own products 5 years ago. Travelling all over Australia to introduce these products directly to interested customers has gained us a lot of experience.

One thing that kept us going over the years is our customers feedback. Nothing is more satisfying then, when happy customers keep coming back with positive feedback and they are referring their family and friends.

Apart from local markets, trade shows and expos you can also find us online, on our website and on Facebook.

Our products are designed to help with pain, stress, skin problems and natural health. They are very popular, and we have a lot of return customers.

We would like to introduce our range to as many people as possible, as we can help in areas that other products can't help, or they are simply not effective enough.

Our success is due to truly supplying product with no harmful chemicals, and with the two-step therapy we can also make our products more effective and stronger than similar products on the market.

All our products are hand manufactured and packed for postage to insure the highest purity and quality.

We have been delivering with Australia post for the past 10 years and we found impeccable service.

If you find any problems with manufacturing or delivery, please contact us immediately, via Farmhouse, so we can remedy the issue.

You will receive an information brochure with every pack. You will find both in the brochure and on the product bottles user instructions. We also provided a video on Farmhouse on our Facebook an instruction video on how to apply our products.  If you find any difficulty with user instructions, please contact us via Farmhouse so we can make sure that you are using the products the correct way for your personal issues.

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