Amber Creek Farm
Fish Creek, VIC
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Dan and Amelia Bright run Amber Creek Farm and Sawmill. The farm is set on 165 acres and grows high quality pastured pork for local consumers (within 200km). We raise Wessex Saddlebacks and Wessex Saddleback X Large White pigs on pasture for the duration of their lives. Our pigs are free to roam, wallow, socialize, and are contented with human care and company. We do not practice tail docking, tooth clipping, nose ringing or sow confinement. Our pigs receive the majority of their nutritional needs from the pasture and crops, foraged grubs and roots and are supplement fed fresh vegetables and GMO free grain. Our products are a reflection of the region and the environment the animals are grown in and how they are raised. We practice ethical farming, we are not leaving a legacy of denuded land and environmental problems for future generations to repair. On the contrary, we are sequestering carbon, reducing waste, improving soil biology, planting trees, protecting and increasing habitat for wildlife and reducing nutrient run off into waterways. Our soil fertility program is based on organic principles; we do not use chemical fertilizers but instead have been working on getting soil pH balance near to neutral which has been gradually achieved over the last six years. Now we are creating compost from locally sourced materials such as pig and cow manure, wood chips and hay that is our primary source of fertilizer. We also make protecting and enhancing remnant bush and creeks a high priority, having fenced off about 65 acres and planted over 16 000+ native plants over the last six years.

We deliver our meat personally. You are buying direct from the grower.  We deliver within the area as specified in the photos only.

Unless otherwise specified bulk meat orders will be a standard pack for 2 people.  This standard pack maximises the use of the whole animal and gives a large variety of cuts.  If any specific cuts are required for your family please let us know at time of ordering.

All deliveries are subject to produce availability and timing of monthly processing cycle.  Delivery date will be confirmed once order is processed.

For more information please contact us.

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