Capers, caper leaves and caperberries
Young caper shoots at the beginning of the season
Rob and Liz
Ananda Rose
Ananda Organic
Naracoorte, SA
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Ananda Organic is a boutique caper farm situated in regional South Australia. We are passionate about organic food and try to grow as much of our own healthy organic food as possible. We've been very well known for growing exceptional garlic for the past 8 years but in 2020 we needed a break from the labour intensive regime of garlic and has seen us transition into the world of capers. We still grow a small amount of garlic for our award winning pickled garlic. Of course, quality is our primary focus with 4 Gold medals in total from the Australian Food Awards (2015,2016,2017), and we were thrilled to receive the Consistency of Excellence Award this year for our Korean Style Pickled garlic. It still takes 4 hours to pick 1kg of capers but it's a walk in the park compared to the intensity of growing garlic. We only use the very best organic fertilisers and mulch. No chemicals of any kind are used on our farm. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all our latest news.

Customer feedback
your beautiful box arrived this morning!
I love your garlic so its heaven having it in my kitchen again.
I just wanted to thank you specifically for the capers! They are like no other capers I have tasted, so fresh, crunchy & delicious. What a thrill to see you have harvested the non-pariels, such a massive job but so worthwhile.

At Ananda Organic we are striving for excellence and are 100% committed to our customers. We value your feedback.
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Please note that fresh garlic needs to be stored in a well ventilated area away from heat and direct sunlight. As garlic is fresh produce it needs to be checked regularly to ensure that all is well. We highly recommend that your garlic is removed from the bags so it can breathe.

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