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We are a team of three enthusiastic foodies – two humans and an ever hungry Lab – Hayley (yup, an ever enthusiastic foodie). While we are creating magic in our experimental kitchen all we need to do is look at the third foodie and we know if we have nailed it – which according to her – is always.

You know when you are in food and have a knack of creating your own versions while you are eating something and your mind starts deconstructing things and the creative juices start flowing. This is exactly how our journey to create this product begun.

A normal and casual family outing to a local eatery put us on the path to create our own version of Chilli Oil. Add a bit of experimentation, unconventional ingredients, a bit of a challenge and a few friendly arguments later, we had in front of us the fragrant & spicy, full-bodied golden yellow colored oil full with flavors along with the yummy bits that takes whatever you eat to the next level.

After devouring it ourselves for weeks and months we decided to test it on our fellow human family & friends, a positive and motivating response encouraged us to put it out in the market. As with anything you create you always strive to improve and make it better, which we did. The support from all our customers has been exceptional and the feedback encouraging, we appreciate it.

With our Chilli Oil Mix, you can be rest assured that it will not come in between you and your food’s relationship. Chilli Oil Mix will not burn your tongue the moment you put it in your mouth. It will give the flavors while uplifting the taste of dish you are eating and provide a chilli kick in the end. This allows you to enjoy both – what you are eating and the Chilli Oil Mix.

Drizzle on the salad, spread on the sandwich, marinade or just as a pickle. A product which you can use anywhere and everywhere. Because it is full of flavors so you need just a little bit to uplift the taste of any dish. If you want to enjoy your dish, your own creation and also get the chilli hit then this is it.

Thank you for trying our Chilli Oil Mix and if you haven’t then please give it a go. Hayley feels proud of us when people like our creation.

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