Bliss Blend Organic Tea
Talbot, VIC
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Bliss Blend offers unique organic tea blends of superb quality and taste. Our ingredients are certified organic, sourced directly from Australian organic growers, to create fresh, delicate tea, which promotes health and enabling you to enjoy what's good for you! The "Cleansing & Replenishing" relaxing Green tea-herbal blend... A beautiful relaxing brew, with a captivating aroma, peppermint to cleanse the palate, adoring passionflower to promote relaxation, lemongrass, chamomile and sage. It's pure bliss and will have you reaching for another cup! Bliss Blend has a range of 8 different types of organic tea, which have developed from popular demand over several years attending Farmer's markets. These include the original "Cleansing & Replenishing" blend, the "Invigorating" Ginger and Green tea-herbal blend, the "Antiox-Tonic", White tea with Goji berry-herbal blend, the"Liquorice Soother" herbal infusion, the "Spiced Dandelion" (Chai Style), the "Roasted Dandelion", the "Gunpowder Green tea" and our latest addidtion, Hibiscus tea will be available online soon!

Order multiple tea packs across our range to save on postage. 1-4 packs ship for $8.50, 5-9 packs ship for $13.50 and 9-12 packets $15.00.

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