Paddock to Person

Apr 26, 2017

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Paddock to Person

Natural skincare products that are good enough to eat.

Its estimated that the average person slathers and sprays on ten different skincare products on his or her body every day. When you consider that the up to 60 per cent of what we put on our bodies can be absorbed, using products free from unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives or fillers makes sense.

With this in mind many people are turning to organic and natural skincare products that do not contain a dizzying array of unknown ingredients. Luckily, there are some dedicated Australian producers who are creating handmade, organic and natural skincare products using ingredients they grow themselves. The ethos they share is that if you cant eat it then dont put it on your skin and when you look at the range of ingredients used, they read more like a grocery list than a skincare product.

Nat Hardy is one of these passionate producers and started her range of Rub a Dub body balms after her daughter Ruby was born. In the hospital they gave me a bag of baby skincare products and I looked at the ingredients and was horrified. I did some research and realised that I could make a balm for my daughters skin using just five basic ingredients. I grow the calendula and chamomile used in my balms on our farm and source the olive oil, beeswax and manuka honey as locally as possible. It is safe to eat the products, but they wont taste great says Nat.

Nat uses sugar and walnut shells as exfoliants in her products instead of microbeads that are found in many commercial body and face washes. Made entirely from plastic and less than 1 mm wide, microbeads are missed by water filters and end up in the marine environment where they dont breakdown. Microbeads are contributing to the massive issue of marine litter, which is causing problems to marine life.

Heres our pick of some of our homegrown heroes who are bringing natural skincare products straight from the farm to you.

RADHA Luxury Organics & Naturals

Nestled in the pristine Goomburra Valley of South East Queensland (add in name) and her family create a range of face and body products on their off-grid solar powered farm. Produced in small batches and using ingredients they grow themselves or source from Australian farmers, RADHA skincare products are free of toxic and synthetic chemicals and are certified organic to Australian standards with AUS-QUAL.

Must try product: Gentle Calming Mask, $24

Ninas Bees Beeswax Skincare

A devoted beekeeper, Nina makes her range of soaps, balms and bath bombs using unrefined beeswax and/or honey from her boutique apiary located in the Blue Mountains. Nina also sources the finest organic or/and cold pressed oils, which she infuses with healing herbs to add potency and healing properties to her balms.

Must try product: All Natural Honey & French Red Clay Bath Bomb, $6.70

Thornhill Lane Biodynamics

Stephanie launched her business after realising that the majority of skin-care products on the market, even the organic ones, were laden with various chemicals and synthetic ingredients. On her Victorian property, Stephanie biodynamically grows most of the herbs and plants that she uses to create her 100% natural and 100% organic skin-care essentials range.

Must try product: Natural & Organic Moisturising Facial Oil for Dry Skin, $35

Rub a Dub

Nat uses food based and quality herbal ingredients in her products that are based around an organic extra virgin olive oil hand picked 10 minutes from Rub a Dub HQ. Famous for her baby balm, Nat has also created a gardeners range of balms and soaps inspired by her husbands rough farmer skin. The Gardener Balm naturally heals, protects and nourishes rough cracked hands, heels and elbows.

Must try product: Gardening Balm, $19.95