How to do Easter dairy free?

Apr 10, 2019

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How to do Easter dairy free?

It can be tricky to cater for everyone’s personal preferences, intolerances and allergies, however, it is often something we are challenged with when organising a gathering or selecting gifts for a particular holiday or celebration.

With umpteen ways to make a Christmas pudding – gluten free, fruit free, booze free and the list goes on - it is an annual debate in many households, "Should we just serve two puds or just do away with the pud altogether? Can we have brandy sauce on a Pav?" Easter has traditionally been less of a focus in this area, "What, you don’t like Cadbury’s? Too bad, none for you!" However, speaking with Farmhouse producer Duncan Garvey of Tasmanian Gourmet Online he has seen a rapid increase in customers looking for alternatives especially around Easter.

Duncan’s family owned and operated business offers a range of gourmet products from Tasmanian artisan producers. A proud Tasmanian he is passionate about Tasmania and the stable of fine food and beverages produced on the island state. A man of many talent’s, he is also truffle grower, producing Australia’s first black truffle in Tasmania in June 1999.

Over the last six months Duncan has seen their business’s biggest growth area in his carefully curated vegan range of products. A proactive small business owner, each week he contacts a few customers to gain their feedback to continually fine tune his product offerings. Duncan has found responses from people seeking vegan options has been most interesting and what determines their purchasing decision.

“There is definitely a scale of ‘veganism’ among the people who purchase. A reasonable number are a 100% vegan and will only eat plant based foods. However, there is a reasonable percentage who buy vegan products because they or their friends and relatives are lactose intolerant. Some people probably best described as ‘flexitarian’. They like eating plant based foods to try and reduce their carbon footprint or improve their health, but will occasionally eat a meat dish.”

Duncan has taken his customer’s feedback on board and collaborated with some wonderful Tasmanian producers to create a range of specifically dairy free, vegan and plant based hampers perfect for you, your friends or relatives who have a preference or requirement for delicious gourmet product minus the dairy this Easter. Duncan’s curated hampers include chocolate, cheese, condiments - all the good stuff, so everyone can have their Easter Feast!

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