Mother & daughter team olieve & olie

Apr 20, 2016

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Mother & daughter team olieve & olie

We speak to mother & daughter team, Jude & Sarah, about working together in their award-winning business olieve & olie.

Mothers Day is one of our favourite holidays at Farmhouse as we think it is another great time to get together and spend time feasting with our families. We thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to one of our favourite mother and daughter teams, Jude and Sarah, from olieve & olie. Founded by Jude using olives from her olive grove in Echuca olieve & olie really started expanding when Jude sold the Grove and headed to Victorias Mornington Peninsula. In 2015 Sarah joined the team and helped to build it into an award-winning business that makes a huge range of body products from soaps and massage bars to body butters and scrubs still using the same olive oil from the old grove in Echuca. Things are only getting better for Jude and Sarah after winning the Gift & Life Instyle Gala Award for the Body, Bath & Fragrance Category March of this year. Their 'Be Mine Miss Clementine Massage Bar' was the product that stole the show!

We have asked Jude and Sarah a few questions about what makes the two of them such great business partners and Mums too.

1.How many kids do you have and how old are they

Jude 2 Sarah (36) & Hal (34)

Sarah 2 daughters aged 8 & 10

2. What do you love about working together

Jude - Our ideas are so different and yet when we work over them we always come to some compromise. We always get to a point when we are in agreement which is just wonderful.

Sarah You can say whats on your mind and not worry about it being taken the wrong way if you are having a bad day no one takes offence or anything I think thats the best thing.

3. If you were going to receive a gift from Farmhouse what would you hope it to be

Jude - I love different preserves, relishes, pickles, mango chutneys and quince pastes I love to cook but never really make these for myself I like the really interesting flavours that appear on the site. Also the fresh purple garlic and honey from different places. One of my favourite ways to eat the relishes and pickles etc. is with cold meat and cheese.

Sarah The trout pate tastes amazing I dont like pate but this is creamy and smoky and doesnt taste like pate it has an amazing flavour.

4. What is your favourite Olieve & Olie product

Jude - The Body Butter It does everything I want a cream to do, its creamy and almost decadent, because I make it I know you can eat it (please do not eat the body butter). The thing I love about it is just how great my skin feels. It is good for people with very dry, problem and older skin. I have been told that it is the only thing that quietens cancer skin as it is so sensitive.

Sarah Foot Balm, I like the way smells It is peppermint, spearmint, lemon, rosemary & tea tree so it is the combination of all of the scents it kind of hits you, its very strong and thats why I like it It wakes you up.

5. Favourite thing to do on Mothers Day

Jude - We are not really big celebrators of Mothers Day. I am lucky enough to still have my Mum around so of course we always phone and that is lovely. My mother loves white flowers on Mothers Day too so if we visit at that time we bring her white flowers. She wont have them in her garden or at any other time only on Mothers Day.

Sarah My favourite is when my children dont fight. To wake up and have my children not fight for a day would be bliss. Spending time with family if the weathers nice we go down to the beach.

6. Mums are always right because (we tried to be cheeky but they gave us wonderful sage advice instead)

Jude - Mums are not always right because being able to listen to your daughters point of view means that you have a good relationship.

Sarah -I agree with Mum because when you have children you have to listen to their point of view but also say sorry when you are in the wrong as parents we dont always want to admit failure but that it is important to acknowledge when your kids are right.

See what Jude and Sarah produce at their Farmhouse stall olieve & olie