Straight from the Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

May 17, 2017

Farmhouse news

Straight from the Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Picked, pressed and packaged within 36 hours. Time between harvest and processing is one of the most critical steps in ensuring Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Less than 24 hours is important, but the quicker the better. A short interval ensures high polyphenols, which is where olive oil gets most of its health benefits from (as well as taste).

Andrew from Seaview Grove explains that sediment in olive oil will start to oxidise the oil after about 3 months and by six months the oil will become rancid. However, if you intend to consume it within 3-6 months then the sediment will add a HUGE amount of flavour whilst improving on the health benefits of olive oil. Once a year we offer this unique service so that our customers have the pleasure of tasting FRESH Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We can do this because we are small, but also because we love the taste so much that we want to share it.

One of the great things about Straight From The Press is that the flavour is a surprise (to everyone). Every year produces a unique flavour depending on the season. The fruit will still be very green when we harvest this year, so we expect a stronger peppery taste (due to high healthy polyphenols) than usual. You don't need to add anything to this natural salad dressing. Please leave out the salt, pepper, balsamic, etc. You wont need it.

Seaview Grove gets is name from the beautiful sea views the grove enjoys. The sea breeze also provides a very Mediterranean feel to the farm, which the olives love. No frosts in the winter and very mild afternoons in the summer. This makes it very hard for any diseases or pests to become established. This means healthy olives and healthy olives means a better taste.

Olives are being harvested now! So picked, pressed and packed with 36 hours, and then sent straight to you!

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