1 Truffle, 5 Ways

Jul 7, 2016

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1 Truffle, 5 Ways

Gippsland Truffle grower, Noel Fitzpatrick shares his favourite ways to make 5 meals out of just 1 truffle.

With some careful planning one truffle can reward you with a multitude ofmeals. Expert truffle grower, Noel Fitzpatrick, advises that a 30g truffle isenough to make a beautiful dinner for four, plus give you many more mealsin the form of truffle infused butter, salt, eggs and cheese.

Here are Noels favourite ways to make one truffle go the distance:

1.Truffle Infused Eggs
The porous shells of eggs are perfect for absorbing and transferring trufflearoma and flavour into the egg yolk. Store fresh truffle and eggs together inan airtight container in the fridge for 23days.
The eggs can then be used to make omelettes, frittatas or scrambled eggs.

2. Truffle Butter
Take a 250g pack of organic butter and allow to soften at roomtemperature. Once malleable place it onto a piece of baking paper andgrate a few grams of fresh truffle over the top. Knead until combined andshape into a log. Wrap tightly in baking paper, secure ends and place in thefreezer. Whenever you want to add truffle flavours to a dish simply slice offa piece of the butter.
Truffle butter is fantastic on steak and makes a truly decadent cheesetoastie. Truffle butter will last for up to 6 months in the freezer.

3. Truffle Salt
Place 100g of good quality rock or sea salt into a bowl. Shave over 23goffresh truffle and combine. Store in an airtight jar or container.
This is the ultimate seasoning and can be sprinkled onto meats, eggs,pasta, vegetables and salads for a lovely hint of earthy, truffle flavour.Truffle salt is best used within 3 months as the aromatics will diminish overtime.

4. Truffle Infused Brie
Take a piece of good quality brie and cut it horizontally in half like asandwich, then shave a 23glayer of fresh truffle over the base. Wrap thecheese tightly in clingfilm and store in the fridge. Bring to room temperaturebefore serving.
The musky truffle aroma will completely permeate the cheese. This makesa show stopping addition to a cheese plate and pares beautifully with crustybread, honeyed walnuts and dried fruit.

5. Truffle Pasta
There is nothing quite like the sublime combination of pasta, cheese andfresh truffle. Noel has kindly shared his recipe Ravioli with Truffle andWalnut Cream Sauce. Follow the link for the full recipe.

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