Christmas - Relaxed Festive Buffet Style

Nov 27, 2017

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Christmas - Relaxed Festive Buffet Style

This year we decided to approach Christmas a little differently. We spoke to friends, family and colleagues about what their Christmas Day really looked like and generally speaking it is a little more relaxed in reality....

There weren't too many Turduckens in the mix or chestnuts roasting on an open fire. The key ingredient was sharing a really delicious feast with your nearest and dearest. So we wanted to reflect that and we have put together four Farmhouse Feasts based that are a little more chilled and all about sharing. Our Farmhouse producers have all the extra special ingredients that take your spread to another level!

Here is the first of our series the "Relaxed Festive Buffet" is pictured above. Much of the preparation can be done in advance, or simply purchased from Farmhouse producers and it is super tasty and super relaxed! The featured recipes and ingredients are perfect for any summery get together with or without a Christmasy twist.

Make it yourself - Featured recipes:

Slow-cooker Pulled Pork BBQ Rolls

Baked Chicken Drumsticks with Honey Bush Tomato Marinade


Smoked Trout with Caper Dip

Mini Quiches

Just buy it - Featured products:
Totopos - La Tortilleria Tortilla Corn Chips
Salsa - Choose from many
Pickled Jalapeos - Yumm Tastes
Rich Fruit Cake - Louisa Morris Cakes
Smoked Trout - Cypress Valley
Bush Tomato - Footeside Farm
Decorative Iced Biscuits - Cookie Love
Old Fashioned Handmade Sweets - Littlebear Sweets
Chocolate Stars - Chocolate Mint
EatClean BBQ Sauce - Yumm Tastes
Pork Shoulder - Amber Creek Farm orTillari Trotters Free Range Pork & Chunky Butt Lamb
Black Pig Pancetta - Saskia Beer Farm Produce
Chardonnay Vinegar - High Strength -Riddells Creek Vinegar Company
Organic extra virgin olive oil - Grampians Olive Co. (Toscana)

Add a little Farmhouse magic into your festive feast!