Coriander Zing Prawns

Dec 8, 2017

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Coriander Zing Prawns

Zing! This really is a cheat, so easy to prepare and a knock out! Thanks to SpiceVine\'s Coriander Zing Marinade & Stir-fry Paste everyone will think you are a gourmet chef!

Coriander Zing is a paste of coriander, de-seeded chillies and peppercorn, inspired by traditional Goan Cafreal Masala.Being rich in folic-acid, vitamin-A and C and relatively low in calories makes Coriander Zing delicious, and an extremely healthy addition to the modern diet. It brings afresh and zesty flavour to prawns, sure to delight your guests!


16 x Large Australian Prawns, raw with tail on
3 tbs Macadamia Oil
1 x 180g SpiceVine Coriander ZingMarinade & Stir-fry Paste


1. Prepare prawns by using a small knife make a small incision down the back and removing the intestinal tract. This cut will assist to cook the prawns but does not need to be a full butterfly unless you prefer.
2. Heat oil in a fry pan add prawns in and and sear on one side until the prawn has become brightly coloured and no longer glassy, flip each prawn and repeat on the opposite side. They do not need to be cooked long just until they are no longer translucent. Quickly remove them from the pan to stop the cooking process and throw into a mixing bowl.
3. Liberally splash SpiceVine's fresh Coriander Zing all over the prawns and mix until they are all generously coated. (We only required half a sachet when we prepared this dish).
4. Place in a serving bowl and dress with a few lime wedges. Serve warm or cold.

Recipe provided by Farmhouse