Garlic Gluttony Prawns with Pasta & Spinach

Sep 13, 2019

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Garlic Gluttony Prawns with Pasta & Spinach

Ready in only 20 minutes this is a really quick and easy meal. Fresh, nutritious and full of flavour that’s sure to be a hit with the whole family.

20-24 Green Prawns (King / banana / tiger prawns)
90g  Garlic Gluttony  
Pasta - enough for 4 (linguini / spaghetti / fettuccini)
100g Baby spinach (washed & drained)
Fresh or dried chilli if desired
Parmesan and Salt - to taste

1. Marinate prawns with the Garlic Gluttony for 10 minutes (add additional fresh chilli or chilli flakes if you prefer it a bit hot).
2. In a pot of salted, boiling water cook the pasta till al dente. Strain and keep aside.
3. In a hot pan, stir fry prawns with the marinade for 2 minuets (no additional oil required).
4. Toss in a handful of baby spinach (allow to warm through - about 30 sec).
5. Stir in the warm pasta & check for seasoning.
5. Divide onto 4 plates and garnish with grated Parmesan.

Recipe kindly provided by Anup from SpiceVine