Nonesuch Distillery - How to drink classic Gin and make Gin cocktails

Mar 13, 2020

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Nonesuch Distillery - How to drink classic Gin and make Gin cocktails

Nonesuch Dry Gin is based on traditional botanicals but with the ratio of each carefully adjusted to appeal to Australian taste buds. That means there is an evident citrus note complimenting the traditional botanicals and the Australian Wattle Seed and Lemon Myrtle. Producer Rex explains how it is best enjoyed...

Nonesuch Dry Gin is designed to carry a tonic for that classic G&T this also had to be smooth enough and full flavoured enough to make the perfect Martini as that cocktail is the favourite of Nonesuch Distillery’s founder Rex.

Here are Rex\'s tips for enjoying this classic Gin:

Nose the Gin first.  Our sense of smell works hand-in-hand with our sense of taste.  The aroma will enhance the taste. 

Add your mixer slowly.  There is no right or wrong amount of mixer to add.  What you are looking to achieve is a combination where you are getting the full enjoyment of the Gin along with whatever you have added.  For some people that will be just a dash of mixer, for others a 1:2 ratio or 50:50.  Experiment to get to your own perfect combination.

Rex\'s perfect Martini

Firstly remember this should be served ice cold.  Chill your mixing glass or a cocktail shaker, spoon and serving glass. 

Fill the mixing glass or shaker with large ice cubes.  Small cubes melt quickly and dilute your cocktail. 

Pour in the 70 ml of Gin and around 15 ml of Vermouth.  (Adjust the amount of Vermouth to your taste.) 
Stir (shaking is only done in movies) for between 20 and 30 seconds.

Strain into the chilled serving glass and garnish with an odd number of olives or a twist of lemon zest.  If using lemon, give it a twist over the drink to release a drop of oil and then slide the zest in to the drink.

Nonesuch Negroni

For a distinctive cocktail try making this delightful beverage:

Pour the Gin, sweet vermouth and Sloe Gin into your favourite rocks glass over ice.
Stir (as little or as much as you prefer) and garnish with a strip of orange zest.

More information about Nonesuch Distillery:

Creating great whisky and gin on this amazing island is what makes us want to jump out of bed of a morning.

Nonesuch is a family owned and operated distillery established by Rex and Annette in 2015. We believe that producing great spirit comes about because of the use of quality ingredients, the constant improvement of the process and the care we give to each batch during production.

Our distillery is located in country Tasmania on a working farm that has been in the same family for six generations. The story of how we came to be where we are is one of country helpfulness that reminds us that this area was settled and became prosperous (in colonial times) by such generosity.

The Tasmanian South East farming area has real significance for us as our family links trace back to the first settlers here. One of our ancestors travelled by horse and cart to Sorell in order to sign the temperance pledge so we wonder what he would make of a descendent who creates whisky and gin.

Initially Nonesuch Distillery was established to be a gin distillery. We were keen to create gins that spoke of \"place\" by using some local botanicals alongside the more traditional ingredients. This saw us develop our Sloe Gin using sloes from old hedgerows around the state.

In 2017 Chris joined his dad, Rex, and Annette at the distillery and bought with him a passion to create Nonesuch whisky. Chris\' dedication, research and passion has resulted in the creation of Nonesuch Single Malt and the distinctive Nonesuch Single Grain whiskies.

As a craft operation we know we can never compete on price with the huge distilleries. Given that, we simply have to compete on quality and by creating gin and whisky with amazing flavour profiles that are unique and memorable.

By producing micro batches of our products we make sure that every one receives the level of attention required to craft it to perfection.

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