Portuguese BBQ Mackerel

Nov 21, 2019

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Portuguese BBQ Mackerel

Chef Bel developed a love for good quality food as a little girl growing up in northern Portugal, where Organic was not a word, but simply....food! She started cooking at the age of 10 with her grandmother. In Portugal, the tradition is to use sardines for this one.  If you can find them, go ahead.  But mackerel is good too.


Belicious Portuguese Spice
Olive Oil
1 Lemon 


Generous sprinkle of Belicious Portuguese spice over fish, add a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of one lemon. 

Heat up the Barbie first, then Barbecue with caution,  on low to medium heat, using a flat cast iron plate, 3-4 minutes on each side.  Baste with a drizzle of olive oil to prevent sticking.

So simple, so delicious, no excuses you must try it! 

Recipe kindly provided by Chef Bel of Belicious Natural Foods

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