Strawberry Santas to make with the kids!

Dec 21, 2017

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Strawberry Santas to make with the kids!

These are so cute and delicious. A great festive dessert to make with children. They are great thing to take along to festive events with kids and adults alike. These cute little Santas will steal the show on the dessert buffet.


Medium to Large fresh Australian Strawberries
Double Cream (not thickened cream) or Marscapone
Black Gem Currants

1. Slice off the green leafy head of the strawberry creating a flat base for each strawberry.
2. Slice off the tip of the strawberry for Santa's hat. Approximately I third of the height of the strawberry. Keep your bottoms and tops paired together so they match well.
3. Time to get the kids involved. Either pipe or spoon a dollop of cream onto the top of the bottom half of the strawberry. Then a small dot of cream on the very tip of the strawberry which is Santa's hat. Carefully place the hat onto the cream topped base, angle it slightly backwards to give you plenty of room for santa's eyes.
4. Select two relatively sized currants for each santa's eyes and stick them into cream sandwiched in the middle of the strawberry. And there you have it!

- Keep strawberries and cream refrigerated up until creating the santas to keep them cool and the cream firm. If piping add to piping bag and place back in the fridge until you are ready to use.
- Once they are made pop them on a plate and into the fridge until you are ready to serve. Should be served soon after making them.

Happy Christmas!

Recipe provided by Farmhouse