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Team BM Pet Snax are passionate about animals and animal wellness! We created BM Pet Snax while living in Bendigo and made the move to a larger facility in 2012 in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Bayswater. The health of your dog or cat is of paramount importance to us, that's why we continue to grow our range of healthy pet treats, including options suitable for allergy dogs/cats on elimination diets such as goat, rabbit or kangaroo. We believe that it's important that our fur babies have access to treats that have no added salt, sugar, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. These additives play havoc with the immune system and we believe that they are the cause of so many auto-immune diseases that our pets suffer in almost plague proportions. At BM Pet Snax we use only the best and freshest raw materials. And we support our local farmers and producers by puchasing directly from them whenever possible. Team BM Pet Snax believe that by supporting local producers and businesses we help to retain jobs in local and regional areas and help to keep our hard earned money in Australia! It is our belief that as pet owners/guardians we have a responsibility to ensure that every mouthfull that our pets eat(including our pets daily food and any treats they are given) should be a positive nutritional experience. Like us our pet's health is a reflection of it's nutrition. We offer a wholesome and fresh alternative to what is avaialble commercially. This includes the miriad of imported products that are often irradiated on entry to our country and may not have open disclosure of what is actually contained in the product. (Note - irradiated products should by law must state "not to be fed to cats" but the print may be very small so look carefully). We may not be the cheapest option but we will always have the freshest and healthiest options available. And our pet customers tell us that BM Pet Snax taste great as well. We are VFMA accredited, Primesafe Licenced (PF0277) and have a full HACCAP plan in place. This means that you as a pet parent can have full confidence in our product and manufacturing proceedures. =Ø>ÜIt is important to note that if a producer is Victorian and is producing meat, chicken or fish products and does not list a Primesafe License Number then they are either producing the product illegally OR they are just onselling and not producing it at all. Each state and territory has their own regulations and while we all work to a national standard, the individual rules will vary=Ø>Ü Happy Pet Parenting Maree & John Davies BM Pet Snax

We personally guarantee the quality of our products and will be happy to refund or replace any product that you recieve from us that doesn't meet our high standards on arrival.

We appreciate your feedback - please tell us and your friends of your great experiences with our business and our products, and please contact us immediately if your experience is less than what you expected. We guarantee that we will correct any problem thart you may have.


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