Carroway is a broad-acre farm run by us, the Bubb family. Four years ago, we began a quest to grow our own 'fresh, seasonal, chemical-free' produce at Carron, in Victoria's North-West. With much trial and error we've discovered that garlic thrives in the shivery winters and blazing summer conditions our region is renown for. With the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline running right through our farm, Carroway garlic is efficiently drip irrigated when rainfall is lacking. Our soils are becoming richer and healthier every year with the addition of green manures and other locally sourced organic matter. It is quite the family affair come March to April when we all work together to form raised beds, cover with weed matting, fix irrigation drip tape in place & hand-plant each individual clove. After approximately 7 months in the ground, the Bubb family team pulls into gear again to hand-harvest beautiful, bulging garlic bulbs in late November to December. Carroway garlic is then naturally cured for at least 4 weeks and packaged for sale throughout Victoria for eating or planting in your own garden! As members of the Australian Garlic Industry Association, we are excited to be able to promote and provide home-grown 'Aussie' garlic (unlike the 90% of imported garlic currently available in supermarkets throughout Australia). Until now, we've successfully grown three Softneck varieties; 'Australian White', 'Melbourne Market' and our award-winning 'Printanor' (Which was recently awarded a Gold medal at the 2017 Australian Food Awards). This year we will endeavour to grow even more of these plus a purple Hardneck variety. We love using lots of raw and cooked Carroway garlic in our family meals and would love to share our delicious, juicy garlic with you too!

Being relatively new to the garlic growing arena, we're very keen to hear what you think of our bulbs.

We value your honesty, and look forward to hearing any feedback you may like to leave. 

We trust you will enjoy the delicious, juice-filled, health enhancing bulbs that grow so beautifully here at Carroway.


Chris & Narelle and family


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