Caviar Lime Company
New Park, NSW
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Our fingerlimes are grown near to the rainforests from which this native citrus originate. Fingerlimes are a citrus like no other. The slender fruit grows on spindly trees with long sharp thorns, nothing about the tree or uncut fruit is attractive. The unique beauty of fingerlimes becomes apparent when a ripe piece of fruit is opened and the caviar-like pulp is revealed. Fingerlimes are used throughout the culinary world to add both zesty flavour and vibrant colour to dishes. The caviar-like pulp explode flavour, surprising the palette and complementing dishes. There is only one region in the world where fingerlimes grow wild, the Border Ranges region of Northern NSW/South East Queensland Australia, and Caviar Lime Company is nestled into the fertile foothills of this ancient extinct volcano.

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