Chocolaterie RenMar
Mansfield, VIC
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Chocolaterie RenMar is operated by René and Martin Slack (The Ren and the Mar) René is the chocolatier. She is a retired medical doctor who developed a passion for making fine artisan chocolates. Martin provides business support. He is a retired marketing and consulting professional. This is their story: After moving to Mansfield in Victoria's High Country six years ago, we found ourselves looking for something interesting to do. So René went to the Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne to be trained in chocolate-making skills. After building a custom chocolate kitchen, investing in a range of equipment for tempering and moulding our chocolates and completing food safety training, we launched our range at the various Farmers' Markets in Victoria's Northeast region. Each piece of chocolate is crafted by hand; including hand tempering, pouring, dipping, moulding and packaging and stored in tightly controlled conditions.

We produce in small batches to maintain quality. Our artisan chocolate starts with well-farmed, quality cacao beans that have been fermented and roasted to bring out the best in their flavour profiles. We then combine it with the finest local ingredients. We hope you enjoy the end result!

During the warmer summer months we are closed.

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