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My Pralines are MSG free, have no added oil or fat, no dairy products nor artificial colours, no yeast, no animal product or byproducts such as honey; it is vegan, gluten free and nutritious.This makes my product attractive to all walks of life or religions, vegetarians, coeliacs and of course to everyone who likes to have a nice little snack on the go or simply take some home for a loved one.  Gabriel Girard, Pralinier.

 "We owe it [praline] to Lassagne ... One day, in the servants' quarters of his residence at Montargis, Lassagne found his children caramelizing almonds - almonds stolen from the kitchens. The wonderful odor emanating from the spot where the little cooks were at work gave away their guilty secret and its delicious results. His mouth watering, Lassagne promised to keep quiet in exchange for some of the sweet treats. He perfected the recipe and took it to the court of Louis XIII, where the confection became known as praline & not that the duke himself had anything to do with inventing it. Lassagne retired to Montargis and opened a confectioner's shop there, the Maison de la Praline, which still exists and is as good as a museum. Praline is made and sold at modern fairs in France, but the cheap variety is made of peanuts instead of authentic almonds." " History of Food, Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat [Barnes & Noble Books:New York] 1992 (p. 569)

Today, Chooh La La!!! brings to you Praline Macadamias as the finest development of the Praline flavour with an Australian twist on an exquisite French tradition and you have the opportunity to purchase my product without going to a Market; of course you will miss out on the cooking show and the atmosphere that the aroma provides but be assured that your taste buds will make no difference on the quality, thank you for your support.

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 Delivery Policy,

 If you order on a Friday during the warmer months, or if you live in northern Australia, we will sometimes delay shipping on a Friday to ensure that your order does not get left in a warm warehouse over the weekend, if your order is going to be delayed. 

We use Australia Post for all deliveries Australia Wide. In the event that the parcel cannot be delivered, a card will be left by the driver explaining how pickup can be arranged.

As we use a courier service for all deliveries, we are unable to deliver to Post Office Boxes.

If you live in Melbourne and place your order before 9am then we will endeavor to get your order sent the next day, which should ensure your order gets delivered within a couple of days. All orders received after 12pm will be shipped in the next 2 days, the exception being Thursday & Fridays when we may hold freight for dispatch on Monday to ensure your order is not left in a hot and/or humid warehouse over the weekend. 

How much does freight cost, and how long will it take to be delivered? 

See the table below for an indication of delivery times for each state in Australia. If you live in regional or outlying areas, your order may take an extra day to be delivered. 

Shipping Fees varies with the quantity ordered but has a flat rate of $15.00 for quantities up to 15kg and will be waived for orders over $120.00. 

Delivery Estimates

Victoria 2 - 5 Working Day

 New South Wales 2 - 5 Working Days

 ACT 2 - 5 Working Days 

 Queensland 2 - 5 Working Days 

 Northern Territory 4 - 7 Working Days 

 Western Australia 4 - 7 Working Days

 South Australia 2 - 5 Working Days 

 Tasmania 2 - 5 Working Days

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