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CJ's Farm
Upwey, VIC
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Welcome to CJ's Farm.
CJ’s Farm is named after two successive black cats called CJ.
One, a rough and tumble black cat who befriended us, and the other, an RSPCA rescue cat (our Black Manx) who delighted us with his presence for many years.
The farm idea started as an extension of our love of growing food and getting involved with activities such as beekeeping. My original background was in Agriculture and the Biological Sciences and I have inherited the love of growing things from my father who was an avid gardener. My partners' family has been well known in the Melbourne manufacturing industry for many years. So finally, after much decision, CJ's Farm was born.
We are a small-scale artisan company which started as a boutique orchard a few years ago in the Dandenong Ranges. Our property has around 40 fruit trees, many garden beds, and we are allowed to keep a maximum of 5 bee hives (based on property size). The hives are settled in and are producing honey so we decided it was time to advertise this delicious product more widely.

We will be offering Honey, Beeswax, and Artisan Products, all Handmade with Care.

Please Enjoy.
Please Note:
Due to Biosecurity controls we are unable to sell Honey or Bee Products to Kangaroo Island or to Western Australia. In addition, we have decided not to supply any Beeswax Products to Tasmania to comply with their Animal Health Act Biosecurity.

All Honey is batch recorded with the Hive it came from, the type of harvesting,  and the date of harvest.
All hives are inspected and maintained in accordance with the ‘Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice’ and the ‘Apiary Code of Practice’.

All Packaging we use is Recyclable or Compostable and Environmentally Friendly. The cardboard is compostable/recyclable, the packing tape is biodegradable, and the packing peanuts are made from plant starch and are fully compostable (they dissolve in water).

Orders will be processed and shipped within 2 Business Days of being received.

All shipments can be tracked through the Australia Post website or through the AusPost App.
If your order arrives damaged please contact us and we can arrange for a replacement order or a refund.

Thank you.

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