Clearwater Gardens
Gleniffer, NSW
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We are a certified organic vegetable farm on the mid north coast NSW. We are passionate about healthy food and also looking after our environment by ecological and sustainable farming. We are small scale producers and take great care in the growing and handling of our produce. Our currently available produce are beautiful garlic braids. We also grow orange and yellow turmeric and also ginger which is currently out of season. Turmeric has tremendous health benefits, mainly thanks to being rich in a compound called curcumin, which has been the interest of many studies regarding it's medicinal properties and health benefits. It adds a wonderful colour to dishes and is becoming a popular addition to juices to make the most of it's health benefits. In the way of garlic we grow the more mild flavoured and white Russian/Elephant garlic variety and also a stronger flavoured purple type garlic which has more medicinal value and also a wonderful bite to it. Generally garlic is available december-june and ginger march-july

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