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Garlic Patch May 2018
Cottage Farmers Garlic
Herberton, QLD

Welcome to Cottage Farmers Garlic. We are a small family run lifestyle farm. Situated on the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland it has been home to my wife and our four sons for the past 19 years. We have been lucky enough to have plentiful access to home-grown food produced on our rich red volcanic soils. So, thanks to Farmhouse Direct we are finally able share some of our produce with those not as fortunate enough to have a veggie patch at their back door. We hope you enjoy and watch our video story.

For those who like to cook with garlic or simply love garlic. Then these first time available French varieties that we began multiplying back in 2012 will exceed most garlic connoisseur's expectations. The bulbs are large and nicely divided into large cloves for easy use. The new season cloves are full of potent juices bursting with intense flavor. The aroma is pleasantly powerful, and the raw taste is instantly filled with garlic, peppery and chilli flavored notes....

Once cooked it mellows and caramelizes making it idea for almost any recipe.

Our 2020 New Season Australian (QLD) grown garlic is here.

As garlic lovers we spent the past 7 years trialing some 26 varieties from Australia and abroad. The challenge was to find a variety that would grow and produce world class garlic in our sub-tropical climate of the Atherton Tablelands in Tropical North Queensland. With an elevation of 930m we achieve cold nights in winter (-3 degrees not uncommon) which is required to get the garlic to set bulbs. However, due to our warm winter days only a handful of varieties set garlic bulbs with cloves.

So after years of trial and error we have acclimatized 2 French varieties for their intense flavor and large bulb and clove size. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and stay posted as we bring more varieties to the table in the coming years.

For a different experience please try the on farm smoked garlic (see combo fresh and smoked pack). We hot smoke the garlic for 24hrs with peach/nectarine and pear wood. The bulbs go golden brown with an amazing fruity wood smoke aroma. Garlic can be easily removed from shells and squashed into a paste or left whole i.e. with cheese platter. The garlic takes on a subtle smoke caramelized flavor that will have your taste buds dancing. We hope you enjoy, and suggestions are always welcome


Cottage Farmers Garlic is grown with best management practices and no insecticide chemicals are used in the growing of crop. As a small family operated farm we strive to produce the very best and strongest flavoured garlic that is literally hand nurtured from start to finish. All fresh garlic orders are shipped in re-useable hessian bags. It is best to store garlic bulbs in a cool dark space and does not require refrigeration

We value your feedback so please message us via Farmhouse or visit us on Facebook @cottagefarmersgarlic

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