Cypress Valley
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The Cypress Valley Gourmet Kitchen

Cypress Valley is a 993 hectare property located south-east of Grenfell in the central west of New South Wales where Ann Vicary has lived for the past 25 years.

Originally raising ostriches, Ann and Torsten s notoriety grew with their famous and delicious ostrich-meat burgers and goat meat sold at the very first Capital Region Farmers Market (Canberra) in 2004. This was an auspicious start to a potentially delicious business but coinciding also with the beginning of one of the worst droughts on record.

Sadly, the impact of the drought forced de-stocking of the ostriches and goats but, necessity is the mother of invention and Torsten s Swedish heritage and childhood experience spawned a new enterprise which continues to expand many years later.

Torsten had always been a foodie, learning to smoke fish in the traditional Swedish style using a technique taught to him by his grandfather. This is labour intensive as each fish is marinated in a mix of raw sugar, sea salt and Nordic spices then individually hot-smoked for an hour using Iron Bark eucalypt sawdust from fallen timber on the farm. The rainbow trout are sourced from the Snowy Mountains Trout Farm at Tumut where the fish are raised in the pristine mountain waters and their quality is healthy and consistent.

The final product is free of sulphur, nitrates, gluten or synthetic additives, and vastly different from fish smoked en masse as the love and attention to detail are integral flavours in the finished product.

The smoked rainbow trout are available whole or de-boned, individually cryovacced and have a refrigerated shelf-life of eight weeks. The uses for Cypress valley smoked trout are many, including as the base for pasta sauces, smoked trout pâté, mixed with ricotta as a filling for cannelloni, on an hors d ouevres platter, a delicious entrée with salad, on lightly cooked toast squares, flaked into an omelette, taken as sustenance for hiking, and given as gifts to friends.

Cypress Valley Gourmet Kitchen is a place with great heart, passion, attention to detail and love.

As Ann Vicary, resident smoker explains, "We are very proud to create a delicious product which our customers in Canberra now include as a weekly necessity, not a luxury. I love hearing how the smoked trout products are used in so many new and interesting ways which continues to inspire me."

It is this feedback and repeat business which has inspired me to make the Cypress Valley Smoked Rainbow Trout available to more people via Farmhouse Direct', Ann said.


We send our orders on Tuesday morning. As we only smoke fish as ordered so trout orders  will have to be received the previous Tuesday.


If you have any problem please contact us and we will be  only to pleased to replace product.


Our customers are very important to us and we have had many customers from day one at the markets in Canberra now 11years  we like to have our feed back to be able to improve anything that  you may think important.


Our products are forwarded in a poly box chilled with re usable gel packs to maintain chillness

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