18 Bulb Monaro Purple Garlic Braid
9 Bulb Monaro Purple Garlic Braid
Our Weed Gunnel covered Monaro Purple Garlic patch
Some of our Monaro Purple bulbs
Bulb Crate of Monaro Purple Bulbs
East Gippsland Garlic
Nicholson, VIC
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Here at East Gippsland Garlic, we pride ourselves on our chemical free approach to garlic farming. We use only organically certified fertilisers and control weeds using organically certified "weed gunnel" horticultural fabric to cover our raised beds. We grow our garlic in light sandy loam soil in Nicholson, East Gippsland. We grow two varieties, Monaro Purple, a turban hardneck garlic and Italian Late, an artichoke softneck variety. Both varieties produce good sized bulbs with a mild to hot flavor suited to most garlic uses. Our Monaro Purple is harvested by hand in November and our Italian late is harvested by hand in approximately January. All of our garlic has been hand planted, hand weeded and hand harvested, trimmed, cleaned and packaged. Our garlic is not treated with any of the harsh chemicals found in supermarket bought or imported garlic. So try some of our chemical free East Gippsland Garlic, we are sure you will love the taste and full bodied flavor with the benefit of knowing that it is healthier than imported alternatives. After all, who doesn't love fresh garlic?.

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