Esperanza Farm
Corndale, NSW
Esperanza Farm nestled in the flats of Corndale Valley is where Susana and Jerrod Henderson and their four children raise their heritage breed Large Black and Berkshire pigs. Our pigs have the best life they can with lots of room to roam and behave as piggies should. Pigs actually eat quite a lot of grass when they have access to it. We believe this stress free upbringing as well as access to lots of green pasture results in better tasting meat. We practice sustainable farming and aim to improve the ecology of our farm and its soil and health through responsible farming practices. We want to provide community based agriculture where locals and visitors can buy premium pork direct from the farmer and know that the animals are raised in an ethical way. Visitors are always welcome at our farm or we deliver locally. So why not connect with your food, visit the farm and see how your pork is produced. Try some better tasting pork from our pasture raised heritage breed pigs and support a small family producer.

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