Foxground Handmade Teas
Foxground, NSW
Our Handmade Tea is grown, free of herbicides, pesticides or any chemicals, on the rain-forested slopes of Saddleback Mountain in Foxground, on the NSW South Coast. The tea is hand-picked during the growing season (October to April) each year and hand-processed on-farm to create green tea, black tea and 'winter tea'. We grow on the farm, and hand pick, all of the leaves, fruits and flowers that are blended to create our teas. Our Green Tea has a bright gold colour and soft, herbaceous flavour. The Black Tea has a rich, amber colour and mellow flavour with spicy, woody notes. The 'winter tea' is the last pick of the season and has a sweet, toasty flavour. Lavender Green Tea is a blend of green tea, lavender flowers and mandarin zest and has soothing floral and 'minty' flavour undertones. Lemon Green Tea is a blend of green tea, lemon balm, lemon grass and lemon zest, giving it a fresh, zesty aroma with a clean, green tea flavour. Our Iced Tea Cordials are ready to mix with iced water or mineral water for an all-natural soft drink, in flavours of Green Tea & Lemon, Green Tea & Rosemary and Black Tea & Lavender.

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