Frontier Pets
Helensvale, QLD
Our VISION is to end Factory Farming. And we re doing this in the most unexpected way. We ve produced a range of superior pet products using only high welfare ingredients and materials that directly support ethical producers. This will provide a very real commercial contribution to help sustain and grow this very important industry. Our produce is sourced directly from local Australian farmers and includes free-range meats & offal, organic fruit & vegetables, free-range eggs and organic turmeric. There is nothing like this food on the planet - 100% ethical, 100% Australian, no GMO's, no grain, no additives and extremely low carbohydrates (less than 2%). Importantly, the food is extraordinary. Nutritionally it has no equal. We've seen sick dogs get healthy, we've seen fat dogs get slim, we've seen lethargic dogs get a whole new lease of life. And dogs love it... It's so easy to prepare. Simply add water to the freeze-dried food when you're ready to feed and wait 30 seconds. Your pup then get a fresh, healthy, raw feed every single time you serve it - without any of the hassles. It just doesn't get any better than this. 1kg of Frontier reconstitutes to 4 kilos of food, so you're paying around $13 a kilo - which is about the same as a premium kibble - but so much better. Our products are proudly manufactured and freeze-dried in Australia.

Our service is outstanding.  If you have a query or a concern, then contact us immediately via Farmhouse messaging and we will respond to you within 24 hours.  

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