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Garlic Farmacy
Mungay Creek, NSW
The Garlic Farmacy organically grows several varieties of Garlic: - Soft Necks; and - Hard Necks; allowing a larger seasonal crop window to be achieved. Some varieties have been prize winners.
We grow up river in the Macleay Valley, far away from city pollution, where the air and cloud water remains uncontaminated, allowing our hand tendered crops to be nurtured with love.
Here at the farm we also often grow seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices are grown on farm and have bees on the farm to assist with pollination.
Organic certification is currently in deferral, due to the drought and bushfires. but same farm, same trees, same conditins and same processes.
Australian Garlic Industry Association Member (AGIA)
Registered BeeKeeper

All our @ausgarlic is grown in the Macleay Valley Food Bowl area in NSW. 

Our naturally cured Garlic stores best in a cool, ventilated, darkish and dry area, like your kitchen or pantry.  We hope you enjoy our garlic as much as we do.

As our @ausgarlic is grown on a seasonal basis that means once the season is over and the products made have been sold then everyone has to wait for the following season. Seasonal differences may occur due to climatic conditions.

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