go just nuts
Nangiloc, VIC
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'Go Just Nuts' is a small boutique cottage industry owned and operated by Eric and Kerryn Wright. They purchased a ten hectare property in 1995 in Nangiloc, Victoria, Australia. The property had five hectares of Pistachio Nut trees and this spawned a fascination and interest in creating an exquisite product. Eric and Kerryn had a desire to produce a very special quality Gourmet Pistachio. The company now produces a product that is unique in flavor and freshness. The crunchy, crisp and sweet flavor has been obtained through experimentation with different processes which has now been perfected. How They Do It Using a combination of accurate brine formulations and a slow and precise drying procedure they have now created a pistachio with vitality and "spunk". Both products are packed in airtight containers that are re-sealable to retain freshness and crunchiness and the salt used is obtained locally which adds to the unique flavors. Both products have proven extremely popular and at present are on sale in outlets around Australia. The company, though small is keen to promote its products and expand its markets within Australia and overseas. The Wrights believe they have developed, a unique, gourmet quality and desirable product.

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