Greenleaf Bag
Highfields, QLD
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Greenleaf Bags are naturally better than plastic for maintaining the quality and freshness of leafy greens, herbs & vegetables in the refrigerator. They are a natural, 100% hemp produce bag which is reusable, plastic free & eco-friendly. The Greenleaf Bags are for people who, like us, appreciate high quality produce and who have found that plastic no longer fits in their clean eating, wholefoods lifestyle. We created the Greenleaf Bag because we were tired of buying high quality, healthy produce only to throw it out a few days later when it had yellowed, wilted and become bitter tasting in plastic bags. We used the Greenleaf Bag first for leafy greens with great results, then found that it also worked just as well for other vegetables.

The Greenleaf Bag has made our clean eating, wholefoods lifestyle cleaner and less wasteful. We are proud to be offering an alternative to single use plastic produce bags for four reasons; " Greenleaf Bags really do maintain the quality & freshness of produce in the fridge, whereas plastic bags actually reduce the shelf life of produce in the fridge, " It is well known that plastic leaches its chemical components into food and that food that comes into contact with plastic has much higher levels Bisphenols and Phthalates and other chemicals, and " Natural, unbleached, undyed hemp bags that are re-usable, in our opinion, are a much better option than single use plastic bags which burden our environment. " We want to connect families to the farmers that grow their fresh produce through  Farmers Feed My Family.

Help us take conscious living into the crisper drawer of the fridge and in doing so you will make your wholefoods, clean eating lifestyle cleaner and less wasteful, and, you will also be making a deliberate contribution to reducing the number of single use plastic bags that pollute our environment.

We want to make sure you receive your Greenleaf Bags as soon as possible so if you place your order before 11am AEST, we will ensure your order is posted the very same day.
That way you can start your journey to eliminate plastic from your family's produce and maintaining the quality and freshness of leafy greens, herbs & vegetables within a short time of ordering.

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