Hound HQ
Palmwoods, QLD
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Hound HQ is the brainchild of Kathy and Narelle and has evolved through their love and concern for their pets. They have been inventing and creating organic and healthy alternative dog treats so that their animals can live a long and healthy life. Hound HQ also offer a luscious Paw Butter and fashionable dog accessories. Hound HQ Organic Dog Treats are handmade in small batches from human quality organic ingredients all of which have been carefully researched and chosen for your dog's optimal health benefits, avoiding common allergens, to maximize your dogs quality of life. We are passionate about holding up the values of "conscious commerce" a way of doing business that aims to enhance the lives of everybody involved in it. We ethically source Australian certified organic products where possible and support local business. Kathy and Narelle are professionals with backgrounds in the medical and art fields and they have combined their talents and skills in this venture. Their products are thoroughly researched so that no harm is caused to any animal through negligence or the inclusion of harmful ingredients. Hound HQ dog treats contain: NO Wheat NO Dairy NO Soy NO Animal By-products NO Chemical Preservatives NO Artificial Colours NO Xylitol In fact, Hound HQ dog treats and dog beauty products are thoroughly tested on humans before they are offered for sale. They have presented each product in creative and up-market packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials. Enzo did a great job as our model. Thank you Darcie Welsh-White, photographer extraordinaire, for taking photos for our Farmhouse Direct web page. Look at Darcie's portfolio here: http://www.darciewelshwhite.com.au/

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