Kewstoke Olive Estate
Kaarimba, VIC
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The property Kewstoke was established in 1856, in Kaarimba, 20 minutes north of Shepparton. In 1999 I purchased Kewstoke 600 acres of rich sandy soil and in 2001 together with my son Johnny and family members we planted 4000 olive trees on 50 acres, this marked the birth of Kewstoke Olive Estate. It is from there that we produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil using the traditional methods taught to me by my father when we were back in Italy and now have had the pleasure passing this knowledge onto my son Johnny. The Greco family goes back many generations in the Olive Oil business with our values very simple Purity, Freshness and Quality which is achieved using the traditional methods used by my father and his father before him and this is what sets Kewstoke Olive Estate apart from the rest of the industry. In the beginning Johnny and I found two Olive Presses in Adelaide, in which we restored them back to pristine condition.  4 tonne of olives per day, 6 men and a lot of bloody hard work  to where we are today a new press imported from Italy capable of pressing 1 tonne an hour with only 1 man. Innovation was the key without comprising quality we harvest the olives and press them into oil within hours and believe this simple step is imperative to the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Cold-Pressed in our own olive press and bottled all on the estate. I am enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about our Extra Virgin Olive Oil venture and as a family we have invested considerable time and funds to Kewstoke Olive Estate with the belief the outcome will be an asset to our family and future generations. We welcome anyone to come visit us at Kewstoke Olive Estate  Producing exceptional quality olive oil that can be enjoyed by all  Warm Regards, Charlie Greco

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