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We are a Queensland family owned and operated business based in Tiaro on the Fraser Coast. Our core business is the growing, harvesting, packing and marketing of fresh lychees. We are passionate about keeping Australian lychees on the table all year round, be it in the form of fresh fruit or through value adding. We have developed a gourmet range of award winning liqueurs, conserves and condiments using our own lychees and other locally sourced fresh produce  real fruit real flavour! The litchi (lychee) originated in China over 2000 years ago. It made its way to Japan and the USA in the 18th century and then onto the rest of the sub-tropical world. Today, Australian lychees are amongst the finest, sweetest and juiciest in the world. Lychees have a very special taste and evocative perfume: sweet yet acid, delicate yet strong and their health benefits are well known. They are an excellent source of fibre, Vitamin C, essential for a well-functioning immune system, healthy teeth and bones, and Potassium that helps regulate heart rhythms.

We believe in efficient farmer friendly personal service. We are committed to producing a quality Queensland product to be enjoyed across Australia.

Wine Licence Number: 96148

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