Mary Valley Farmers
Amamoor, QLD
Introducing Mary Valley Farmers. Jim & Narelle Garrett with the help from two of their children Kelly & Rodney continue the family tradition. The Garrett Family have been farming the Mary Valley continuously now for 4 generation, and over that time theres not much the Garrett family hasn't grown. In fact they are well known for having green blood running through their veins as they possess an ancanny ability to be able to grow anything. Today the Garrett family produce Ginger, Turmeric , Avocados, Banana's, Citrus and market garden produce, on their farm located near Amamoor in the Mary Valley of sunny Queensland. The Garrett family practice sustainability throughout there farming operation. This is achieved via a Full Circle Farming method whilst minimising their environmental foot print. Their produce is spray free and is grown to organic principles (not certified) in a way that mimics a natural life cycle. Graze, Grow, Rest and Rotate on a 6 year cycle. This improves soil health whilst caring and protecting the environment. They love to educate their customer about the environmental impact of unsustainable agricultural practices, which in many cases has been driven by consumer demand. A good example of this is that their Banana's arn't perfect out side in fact you could say they are blessed with many natural beauty spots. But we can assure you they are perfect on the inside, and very tasty as well. Currently there are about 14 million bunches of Banana's commercially grown and harvested in Australia each year. Most if not all of those bunches have been protected whilst growing on the plant by a very large plastic bag. The bag is there to protect the banana's so they grow completely blemish free. These are the perfect bananas you can see on the supermarket shelves. The plastic bags are removed on harvesting, along with the banana's. The bags go on to become land fill, whilst the banana's are processed and packed into cardboard boxes that are layered and lined with more plastic. This ensure they arrive at their intended destination picture perfect, but at what cost to the environment. Farming and caring for the land is our life, we live to nourish every body that consumes our produce. Welcome to the Family :)

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