Green manure crop prior to planting
Field ready for planting
Happy healthy plants
Close to harvest time
Freshly harvested Italian Pink
Mount Seaview Garlic
Mount Seaview, NSW
Our garlic is sown, tended and harvested by hand.  After harvest it is hung, cured and trimmed ready for use.

No chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used on our garlic.  We opt for green manure crops prior to planting, and compost tea and other natural additives for soil and plant health.  The garlic is heavily mulched to help control weed growth.

This year our prize crop is the magnificent Italian Pink.  It has a particularly good flavour and is excellent used both raw and cooked.
Our garlic is grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers.  It is sown, tended and harvested by hand.

Our aim is to deliver it cured and ready for use to our customers.
As garlic is a fresh product we cannot offer refunds or returns.

Orders received by 10.00 am on Monday and 10.00 am on Wednesday will be shipped within 24 hours.
We ship to NSW, ACT, VIC & QLD

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