Mount William Olive Grove
Goldie, VIC
Mount William Olive Grove is a short hours drive from Melbourne nestled in a ridge that divides the townships of Kilmore and Lancefield. Based in the beautiful Macedon Ranges where local produce is abundant. We strive to produce products that not only taste amazing but nurture the body and soul. We implement sustainable farming practices and are always working towards harmony within our environment and community. 

Melissa Lococo is the second generation olive oil producer at Mount William Olive Grove, she is carrying on the vision for Mount William Olive Grove to be a place that works with nature, implementing sustainable farming practice that respect the land and all creatures big and small that make the Mount William Olive Grove a home.  With the support of the olive industry, friends and family she has become an accomplished oil maker winning awards in Australia and most recently Japan.  She loves nothing more than producing a product that can make a real difference to the health of others.

For over 10 years the team at Mount William Olive Grove have been producing some of Australia’s finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils.
  Our trees are pitched on the rolling hills of Mount William Olive Grove producing a cold climate extra virgin olive oil, that contain high levels of antioxidants that assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  At Mount William Olive Grove we are able to press our olives immediately as they are harvested, locking in the freshest flavours and health benefits.    We currently stock our Signature Blend, Single Variety Manzanillo and exciting range of infused oils, including Blood Orange, Wild Lime, Garlic and Oregano.  There is nothing more rewarding than providing our customers with the gift of fresh olive oil. Our oils offer not just an awesome addition to your favourite dishes but also a host of health benefits that can make a great difference to your quality of life. Mount William Extra Virgin Olive Oils are second to none. Our extra virgin olive oils are fresh from the grove to you! 
The proof in the quality is in the analysis. According to the Australian Standards (AS5264-2011) in order for Olive Oil to be classed as Extra Virgin the following parameters must be met:

Free Fatty Acids (FFA) should less than 0.8%
- FFA 2019 Manzanillo EVOO is .14%
- FFA 2019 Signature Blend EVOO is .17%

Peroxide Value (PV) should be less than or equal to 20 MEQ 02/kg oil
- PV 2019 Manzanillo EVOO is 4.2 meq 02/kg oil.
- PV 2019 Signature Blend EVOO is 8.1 meq 02/kg oil.

Absorbency in Ultra Violet: K232 should be <2.5
- K232 2019 Manzanillo EVOO is 1.723
- K232 2019 Signature Blend EVOO is 1.581

K270 should be <0.22
- K270 2019 Manzanillo EVOO is 0.112
- K270 2019 Signature Blend EVOO is 0.128

K should be </0.01/
- K 2019 Manzanillo EVOO is -0.002
- K 2019 Signature Blend EVOO is -0.006 

Why are these results important and why should you know about them. The standard dictates the benchmark. Our results indicate the supreme quality of our oils. Consumers should know the difference between the quality of oils they consume as they are not all the same. High quality EVOO contains all the health benefits of this amazing product. We are chemical free and pesticide fee. Try our new season EVOO - it is in stock now.

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