Nina's Bees Beeswax skincare
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Thank you for finding me on Farmhouse. I am Nina and I am a beekeeper. Nina's Bees is a boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. I manage my apiary holistically letting my girls do what they want. I never restrict the Queens with queen excludes, don't use plastic foundations in the hives, neither do I move the hives chasing the flowering crops. Our honey is a true reflection of the changing seasons in the gardens of the Blue Mountains. I am passionate about natural living and make all natural beeswax skin care products.

Every product that I make contains beeswax and/or honey from our apiary. I make balms using only the finest organic or/and cold pressed oils blended with beeswax and honey. I infuse oils with healing herbs to add potency to my balms. I believe Mother nature offers us everything we need for our skin needs to make our skin look radiant and healthy. In everything I do, I try to reduce the footprint and be sustainable. I avoid to use plastic as packaging for my products and prefer to use recycled boxes for mailing the products. I hope you don't mind :) I am happy to put my products in a brand new box, if you would like me to. Happy browsing and I hope to see your order one day !

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