SET UP for selling

Dashboard is the page you will come to every time you log into Farmhouse as a producer. All the controls for your stall profile are accessible from the Dashboard page by using the buttons in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.


  • Producer Info – Manage your business information, logo and stall page information.
  • Stall Images – Upload your Stall Images here.
  • Videos – View, add and edit YouTube videos to display on your stall.
  • My Feature Products – Select your top four products to display on your stall page and at the top of your product list.
  • Upselling Tools – Set your stall-wide discounts here: minimum order, Free Shipping for a set period and Free Shipping over a threshold for bulk purchase discounts.
  • Set Stall to Unavailable – Use this tool when you are unable to fulfil orders – this may be if you are taking some time off, ill or away on holiday. You can set your dates that you are unavailable for (these will not be visible to customers) and customers will be able to view your products but not purchase.
  • Edit / Search Products – A quick view of all your products currently being sold on Farmhouse. View stock levels and pricing at a glance. Click on the product name to access the edit product page for detailed product information.
  • Add New Product  Add a brand new product in manually.
  • Import Products  Use this tool to upload a number of products at once. Use the Allowed fields to determine how much information you upload.
  • Export Products  Use this tool to download all of your Farmhouse products at once. Select from .csv, .xls or .pdf format.
  • Coupons  Create customised promo codes to give your customers.
  • Global Discounts – Offer stall-wide discounts for customers purchasing on your stall only.
  • My Messages – Click here to find any messages customer may have sent you regarding orders made on Farmhouse or questions regarding your products.
  • Producer Fee Report – Track your Farmhouse sales fees here and download your sales fee invoice.
  • Coupons Report – Access data regarding the coupon codes you have created.
  • Search Orders – Use this tool to track down a specific order regardless of status. This will automatically show with the most recent order at the top.
  • Today’s Orders – View your orders from the last 24 hours.
  • Orders to be Shipped – View any of your outstanding orders here.
  • This week’s Orders – View your orders from the last 7 days.
  • Shipping Rates – Set your stall-wide and group shipping solutions here.

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