The Premium Comp Bulldozer BBQ Range
Meat rubs like you\\\'ve never had before
Award winning sauces and authentic US spice blends
Ranch Hand Classic Backyard Range of BBQ rubs
Ranch Hand Foods
Croydon, VIC
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We are a VFMA accredited, family owned company that makes high quality American and Mexican products by hand, with local ingredients and no garbage. All our products on Farmhouse Direct are laboratory tested for safety and contain no animal products of any type (though many go with animal products very well.), All (except the Chipotle Stout Beer Hot Sauce) are gluten free. We also leave out additives, artificial preservatives and anything else that's not a food just on its own, choosing old-fashioned methods to create delicious shelf-stable products. Born and raised in farm country in the American South, I learned cooking in Texan and Mexican restaurants and finished in Memphis before moving to Australia. We love the quality of local produce in Australia and so we make our authentic American products with input from our authentic Australian growers (most of whom are VFMA members too!).

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