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Riddells Creek Vinegar Company
Riddells Creek, VIC
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 State of Emergency in Victoria

Normally we would be out and about every month selling our products at Farmers Markets at Woodend, Eltham, Castlemaine, Macedon, Nagambie and otherwise at less frequently run produce markets such as Hanging Rock and Pfeiffers Winery market.

For our regular customers at these markets regretfully we have decided that while the State of Emergency is  in effect  we are not conducting sales at these venues due to the necessary restrictions on product sampling at least. The market products are still available on this website as per usual, with our assurance that the gourmet quality and localized sourcing that makes our products eligible to be sold at Farmers Markets in the first place, continues as before.

Our hand-crafted and original gourmet vinegars are made from Australian white, red and fortified wines in the traditional slow acetification method to convert wine to high-acid strength vinegars that best conserves the grape flavours of the original wines and adds further complexity in the formation of desirable low molecular weight organic acids and flavour volatiles. Chardonnay grape derived vinegar then becomes the base for our infused vinegars which are hand-crafted in small and micro-batches to showcase the fresh flavours of the season using our home grown fruit, berries and herbs. Our old-fashioned cold infusion preservation brings out the richest, most complex flavour profile possible. No concentrates, purees, artificial flavouring, sugar or colours like caramel are used. Original, sweet and extremely tasty Muscat, Old Tawny (Port) and Sweet Apera (Sherry) vinegars are made by using only Australian fortified wines that are sweeter compared with our vinegars made from dry wines. No cane sugar, glucose or grape must usually found in cheap supermarket balsamic vinegar, have been left out deliberately. Also we do not add caramel of any kind since commonly used caramel colourings have found to be carcinogenic. All vinegars are tested at bottling and labelling to ensure they are at least a minimum 4% vinegar strength required by Australian regulations. But we aim for 6% or higher acetic acid equivalent acidity required by the EU standard and the individual bottle label will specify the batch acidity measured. Fruit pastes and spicy relishes from the vinegar soaked fruits and our own home grown herb, vegetables and fruit are also made by us, so nothing is wasted. The only imported products used are in the relishes and these are spices not grown in Australia.

It is our policy to sell only genuine Australian vinegar products that meet the Australian legal minimum total acidity requirement of 4%. Our single varietal vinegars are usually a minimum of 6% total acidity (measured as acetic acid equivalent) and thus our vinegars match the standard required for all EU produced wine vinegar. Our infused fruit and herb vinegars will generally be 5-6% total acidity, well above the legal minimum. We use only Australian sourced wines to create unique Australian products that in most cases exceed imported vinegars of the same kind. Using our own home grown fruit, berries and herbs we make a range of uncommon but distinctively tasty fruit and herb flavoured vinegars that will excite your taste buds and enhance your food. It is our policy not to add any sugars, artificial sweetening, flavours or colours to our vinegar products.

Our relishes, fruit pastes and Worcestershire sauce necessarily will contain cane sugar according to recipes and some imported spices not grown in Australia.

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