Riverland Farm Fresh Produce
Loxton, SA
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Riverland Farm Fresh Produce is a small scale family business operating in the Riverland, South Australia. We produce quality Tahitian Limes from January to April and supply direct to you. By eliminating the "middle man" we are able to reduce our costs and pass this onto you. We guarantee a product which is picked fully ripe and fresh off the tree. It is not stored in a coolroom for long periods and it is not interfered with. Because it is picked fresh and delivered to you within days, there is no need for the fruit to be waxed, fungicided or gas de-greened to make it look good and extend its shelf life. It is simply super fresh, naturally coloured and ripe. The fruit is hand picked and packed and in the post within 24 hours, guaranteeing quality and freshness.

Our commitment at Riverland Farm Fresh Produce is to provide customers with quality fruit that is free from nasty residual chemicals and is delivered fresh to you within days from being picked from the tree.  

If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of our Limes every endeavour will be made to rectify the problem.

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