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Park Orchards, VIC
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Screaming Waffles specialises in baking fresh Dutch Stroopwafels. So& & & What are Stroopwafels? ( Stroopwafels translates to Syrup Waffles and are a delicate cinnamon flavoured thin waffle cookie, that just after baking is sliced in half and smothered with caramel syrup and then sandwiched back together again.( They really are quite unique! In the beginning we worked extremely hard in developing a recipe that tasted just like ones you can buy in Holland. The dough for the cookie had to have just the right amount of spice and the Caramel Syrup had to be golden and sweet and just the right consistency. We always make sure to use the freshest most local ingredients we can. Everything except our spices is produced locally. Unfortunately, Cinnamon and Nutmeg are not produced in Australia. We don't believe in premixes and it has always been our intention to produce the best quality we can for our customers. I love watching someone take their first bite of a Screaming Waffles Stroopwafel. Their face lights up and they say....".Oh they're delicious!"


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Dietary Requirements

Screaming Waffles products contain Gluten, Dairy and Eggs unless otherwise specified. 

Our Gluten Free products are produced in the same kitchen as our non GF. However the kitchen, all appiiances, and utensils have all been thoroughly cleaned before a new bake. Also all towels and aprons are changed. We understand the risks involved and pride ourselves on NEVER having a complaint back from a customer.

Our Commitment 

Our commitment to our customers is to provide an outstanding product, delicious, sweet and freshly baked.

Lost Orders

It is a customers responsibility to inform Screaming Waffles, via Farmhouse messaging, if their order hasn't arrived within a reasonable time frame.

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