North Perth, WA
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Stonebarn was established in 2004 and is now a large commercial truffle producer in the West Australian food and wine region of Manjimup the heart of Australian truffle country. We found our very first Stonebarn truffle on 5 June, 2010. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality, taste and aroma of our truffles often attributed to our rich, sloping and free draining loam soils that create the ideal terroir. The aroma and flavour of truffles have been described as earthy the floor of the forest, damp earth, roasted dry fruits and chocolate with a memorable aroma and lingering aftertaste. Nothing beats the exquisite experience of fresh truffle! We supply many famous named luxury restaurants who exclusively use Stonebarn truffles because of their consistent quality. Stonebarn truffles are Black Winter French Perigord truffle (tuber Melanosporum) which is the most expensive black truffle available. To give truffle-lovers the opportunity to enjoy truffle all-year-round we now produce and manufacture value-added gourmet truffle products. These products have been launched in WA and are enjoying exceptional success with fantastic feedback from retailers and customers, we are now ready to roll out the products nationwide. Stonebarn truffle products at this stage include: Salt Oil Past Sauce Mustard Aioli Mayonaise Butter We also have a number of products in development so the range will grow. What makes us different better and special? - Stonebarn has a great story linked to the brand - it is an actual place with a lodge and truffle trees where weddings are held nearly every weekend - Luxury line - Black winter truffle used exclusively in our product that we grow on our own farm - Glass premium packaging - Premium labelling including textured, treated and gold foiled paper - Products are built for retail and are very appealing to the retail customer

We want to grow the best quality truffle for the best price in order to make them available to as many people as possible. We strive to educate the public about the delights of eating fresh truffle in season to enhance their food experience. With our truffle products we are able to give truffle-lovers the opportunity to enjoy consuming truffle any time of year, not just in the fresh truffle season. We ensure that we use only black Perigord truffle in all our manufactured truffle products, providing our consumers with the most authentic truffle experience.

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