The Flying Lamb
Frankston, VIC
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The Flying Lamb is the home of luxurious handcrafted chunky knits, made from 100% Australian Merino wool. We believe in luxury everyday, cosy quiet time, and living a hygge life. We are small family business operating from our workroom in the family home. Our wool is sourced from a mill in Victoria, one of the last in still operating in Australia. The Flying Lamb established as a business 2013 after discovering other people outside my friends and family circle also loved my big beautiful blankets. The range started with 'The Lamb', a beautifully understated throw made in a lighter weight wool, using our cloud stitch and silver trim. Our current range reflects the best selling products in the colours our customers love. The business now includes a (very) small team to help manage the business operations, and some of the knitting. Many people ask "why chunky knitting?", or even "why knitting?". Let me take you back to where it all began .... My knitting skills are entirely my mothers doing - in our house there was always some yarn draped across the table or embedded into the lounge, at the end of the yarn you could guarantee there was Mum click clacking a new jumper into existence. My obsession with natural, locally sourced textiles stems from a school excursion to The Rocks in Sydney. I had just witnessed my mother's joy at finding 'real' wool: natural chunky new Australian Merino. The smell was delicious,the excitement of my mother discovering this luxurious treasure that imprinted on my brain. A few weeks later our 'Textiles' class was on a guided tour of the wool sheds (no longer in operation). Our teacher had set us a task of finding product for our weaving project. We trawled through barrels of unwashed wool, lengths of roving, dyed, un-dyed, chunky yarn, itchy school yard yarn ... it was a veritable wool lovers heaven! I clambered back on the bus clutching my precious package of wool ('greasy', pink and purple dyed roving along with some grey) and my romance with all things woolly bloomed. Mrs Clausen's Textile class developed my knowledge and encouraged my experimentation, gave freedom to the desire to test the accepted, to challenge the traditional. I still have a soft spot for weaving, but knitting is part of my DNA. The giant stitches of my chunky knits are an extension of standard knitting techniques that have developed over time. Hours of testing, tugging, and tears all fuel my passion for these big, beautiful chunks. Chunky knit blankets are more than a product to me, they are a life's work, a daily pleasure and a luxurious piece of chunky treasure that I am privilege to craft for my customers. Our Mission TO MAKE THE WORLD A CALMER AND COSIER PLACE ONE STITCH AT A TIME Let's get cosy ... by The Flying Lamb | chunky knit blankets | extreme knit blankets | When you choose a chunky knitted blanket by The Flying Lamb, you are choosing a unique piece of art. Each piece takes time and is influenced by the gifts Mother Nature imposed on the raw materials. Your choices enhance these delightful differences making for an entirely unique piece of work made just for you. These variances are the calling card of a personal and individual hand crafted work which is precisely why you are choosing to buy from The Flying Lamb, not a commercial store.

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