Tillari Trotters Free Range Pork & Chunky Butt Lamb
karara, QLD
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We live farming. Our names are Tim and Belle - on our farm we have Rarebreed Tamworth pigs and Persian sheep. Our pigs get to plunge their snouts in the soil and run around in large paddocks wiggling their curly tails as they go. Our mothers give birth in snout crafted nests of straw and hay. Our sheep - run around with fat chunky butts. Our animals are very loved and cared for. We look after all aspects on the farm - to ensure that you are offered a genuine paddock to plate experience - and can have all of your questions answered. Our pork has a sweet caramel flavor with beautiful soft rendering fat. Our lamb also is delicate in flavor - all due to the breeds, the stress free environments and the love and care they are given. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We love being able to grow food for locals - and to do it in an ethical manner. Get in touch with your food - know your farmer - know your food.

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