Tolmie Gold Saffron
Narre Warren, VIC
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Tolmie Gold Saffron is a family owned business situated in the Victorian high country, just a short drive from Mansfield. Founded in 2009, it has taken years to perfect our saffron production to ensure only the finest quality, pure A grade saffron is distributed. Each strand of saffron has been hand picked and dried to lock in the rich, aromatic flavour of our premium product. What is Saffron? Saffron is a rich and aromatic spice that is produced from the stigma of the saffron crocus. Saffron is the worlds most expensive spice, in fact it is worth more in weight than gold. This is primarily because premium A grade saffron is so rare. Saffron will only thrive in select regions around the globe, therefore Australia has to import majority of its saffron. Saffron production is also incredibly labour intensive. Saffron is a perennial species that only flowers during autumn for a short 6 week period. During this time, the stigma of each saffron flower is hand picked and dried to produce the spice. It takes approximately 250,000 flowers to produce 1kg of saffron - That's a lot of picking. Climate Saffron is native to the Mediterranean environments typically characterised by cold winters, autumn/winter/spring rainfall, and warm dry summers. This mirrors the climate in Tolmie, enabling optimum growth of our crop. The Tolmie Gold Saffron farm is located at an altitude of 970m above sea level. Our winters endure heavy frosts, and we have wet springs and dry summers - and our saffron loves it. Cooking with Saffron Saffron can be used in a multitude of ways throughout the cooking process. The most popular method is to place a few threads in hot water until the desired colour/flavour intensity is reached. The threads and water are then used to flavour your dish.

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