Tricalog Goats
Eaglehawk, VIC
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Tricalog Goats began over 10 years ago when we purchased a couple of pedigree Anglo Nubian goats. What particularly appealed to us about goats was their very sociable nature. For us it seemed like an obvious to choose the Anglo Nubian as we were attracted by the quality of milk rather than the quantity. The Anglo Nubian is often referred to as the Jersey of the goat world, with higher milk fat content than most other dairy goat breeds. For a while we were happy to just produce this quality breed, and ensure that the breed did not again become endangered. However we were concerned knowing that there are many harmful chemicals found in soap, shampoo and other cosmetics which inspired us to develop a range of natural soaps and goats milk skincare products. It is now widely accepted that goat s milk soap is ideal to treat eczema and many other common skin conditions. So this is where we began with a plain goat s milk soap, using only three ingredients: olive oil, goat s milk and lye. While our plain goats milk soap still remains our most popular product. Some of our customers were looking for more options in our soap range. Our next step was to manufacture goat s milk soap adding essential oils, fruits, vegetables and Australian clays. At Tricalog Goat Products we are proud of the ethical treatment of our animals in producing our products. Our animals access all our land without restriction. They are happy animals who love us as much as we love them. We now have a broad range of goat milk products which include bath bombs, bath salts, lip balms, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs and moisturizers. We intend to introduce shampoos and conditioners in the near future.

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